Accelerator Community

Best in Class

A like-minded group of world-class programs, GAN Accelerators provide the highest quality support to entrepreneurs, leading to incredible outcomes for startups across the globe. Best known for achieving local impact and global reach, GAN Accelerators represent the true leaders of the industry.

GAN Accelerators can be found in over 120 cities. With that kind of leveraging power, being GAN means you can accomplish what you never would alone, from a rich set of resources and experiences that are hard to beat.

The Value of Being GAN

GAN Accelerators and their startups have access to:

  1. Community of Peers
    A supportive and engaged community of people just like you who are building world-class accelerators across the globe.
  2. Best Practices
    Best-in-class accelerators sharing lessons learned. This collective knowledge base gives GAN Accelerators an edge above the rest.
  3. Industry Data
    Exclusive access to industry data, instrumental in benchmarking your program.
  4. Deal Flow
    Access to global deal flow and promotion of your program helps to ensure your accelerator will be working with the right companies.
  5. Perks & Discounts
    Over $1 million in perks and discounts from the best service providers in our industry, available to accelerators and your startups.
  6. GAN Summit
    Once each year, we host a gathering of the entire GAN Community. GAN Accelerators can join this invite-only event.
  7. Mentors
    A global database of mentors to support your companies no matter where you are in the world.
  8. Opportunities for Investment
    GAN Ventures provides startups in our community with opportunities for seed-stage investment.


What Does It Take to Be GAN?

The following is a profile of what most GAN Accelerators look like:

  1. Short-Term
    You’re running a three-to-six-month program.
  2. Mentorship-Driven
    You are surrounding startups with a network of invaluable and ultra-engaged mentors from your community.
  3. Small Class Size
    No more than 10-20 companies are going through your program at one time.
  4. Sustainable Runway
    Your program has set aside funding & resources for multiple sessions.
  5. Terms Favorable to Entrepreneurs
    Accelerator terms come in all different forms. On average, GAN Accelerators are taking a small equity stake (usually 6-10%) in exchange for a small amount of seed funding (around $20,000).
  6. Strong Management
    You have a team who is passionate about supporting startups and are usually entrepreneurs themselves.

Think You Qualify?

We’d love for your team to be a part of this global community of highly curated independent accelerators that are giving startups the resources they need to thrive. If you think GAN is a perfect fit for your accelerator, please do get in touch. There is a formal application process in place for accelerators who are interested in GAN Membership, so we encourage you to go ahead and complete a New Member Application today to get that process started.


Just Starting Out? We’ve All Been There…

GAN Launch Membership
Each year, GAN welcomes a select few Launch Accelerators into the network who have strong potential—with the help of the GAN Community—to become a top accelerator and support the next wave of startups.

GAN Launch was created in 2015 as a means for GAN to support some of the most promising pioneers in acceleration. These new programs are dedicated to helping grow startup ecosystems in unexpected places and are still in their initial stages of operation. GAN Launch Accelerators join our community with intentions of becoming a top accelerator. In fact, much of the current community of GAN Accelerators started out as Launch Accelerators at one point in time.