Launch Accelerators

The Most Highly-Qualified Beginners We Know

GAN Launch Accelerators are some of the most inspiring pioneers around the world who are dedicated to helping grow startup ecosystems in unexpected places, but are still in their first few years of operation and have joined the GAN community with intentions of becoming a top accelerator. In fact, most GAN Accelerators started as Launch Accelerators at one point in time.


Each year GAN welcomes a select few Launch Accelerators into the network who we feel have a strong potential, with the help of the GAN community, to become a top accelerator and support the next wave of startups.

The Value of Being GAN

As a GAN Launch Accelerator, we connect you to:

  • Best practices and exclusive access to industry data to help run your accelerator
  • Access to international deal flow and promotion for your application and program dates
  • An annual Managing Directors conference
  • Discounts services and free perks for the startups going through your program
  • A community of peers who are eager to provide support and advice
  • Access to mentors and investors from around the world


What’s It Take to Be GAN?

The following is our program criteria for becoming a GAN Launch Accelerator:

  1. Terms Favorable to Entrepreneurs
    Companies are not charged to join the accelerator program. You take a small equity stake (usually 6-8% in the U.S. and 8-10% non-U.S.).
  2. Short-Term
    You’re running a three-six month program.
  3. Mentorship-Driven
    You have anywhere between 40-80 mentors.
  4. Small Cohort Size
    No more than 10-20 companies going through a program at a time.
  5. Physical Space
    Physical space, internet, and desk/chair is provided to the entrepreneurs.
  6. Strong Management
    You have staff who are usually entrepreneurs themselves.
  7. Early Success
    You’ve run at least one successful program.


Think You Qualify?

We’d love to have you as part of this global community of highly-curated independent accelerators operating all over the globe to give startups the resources they need to thrive. If you think GAN is a perfect fit for you, please do get in touch.