Corporate Connect

Curated and Intentional Connections with Startups Around the World

Corporations around the world are looking to connect with the world’s most disruptive technologies while GAN Startups want to work with innovative and values-minded companies, large and small. With a strong global network of over 9,400 vetted startups in the GAN Community, GAN’s Corporate Connect platform helps solve this problem by introducing companies of all sizes to GAN Startups.

We’re trying to help startups everywhere, so partnering up with an organization like GAN that can vet all of the programs around the world for us is a huge benefit. It means we don’t have to spend all of our time doing that.

— Tony Blank, SendGrid

How Corporate Connect Works

  1. Identify the Right Problem
    GAN works closely with each corporate partner to understand the exact problem they are looking to have solved.
  2. Outreach to the Community
    The GAN Community of 9,400+ startups is asked if they have a solution to help solve the Partner’s stated problem.
  3. Connection Made
    Once there is a fit between the Partner and GAN Startup, the two are connected.
  4. The Magic Happens
    This kind of curation is where we see opportunities for revenue-generation, acquisition, or investment.

Who Uses Corporate Connect?

GAN Startups looking to talk with corporates, and companies—large and small—looking to work with startups.

The end result is always a valuable connection between vetted startups that graduate from GAN Accelerators with GAN Partner companies who are motivated to build meaningful connections with them.

Want to Connect with This Community?

Ask us about how Corporate Connect can serve you.