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Corporate / Startup Innovation Playbook


A field guide for doing business with startups the right way.

Built for Speed

White Paper

Why the fast not the big will dominate the future.

The State of Corporate Innovation from a Startup's Perspective


Why startups need corporate innovation teams. Presented by GAN and written by addapptation.

The Future Shapers - Why the Fast Not the Big Will Dominate the Future


Unpacking the shared concern of 78 different innovation teams, featured by The Future Shapers.

Building a Successful Corporate-Startup Partnership


Featured in Entrepreneur. Established corporations that partner with startups spur job growth and enhance the benefits that new
employers bring to communities.

When It Comes to Corporate Innovation, Build a Clear Roadmap


Corporate innovation teams are vital for startup revenue creation. This blog unpacks how to get it done.

We Really Need Corporates With the Right Motives


Too often, corporations have the wrong motives for working with startups. But, a successful partnership demands good motives.

Twilio and GAN: Great Allies

Case Study

The Twilio team describes what startup engagement means to them, and how their partnership with GAN connects them to vetted startups all over the world.


Creating a Corporate Venturing Playbook


Innovation During Times of Crisis


Built for Speed: Why the fast not the big will dominate the future.


The Corporate-Startup Innovation Pact