Custom Partnerships

Your Opportunity to Connect with the Global Startup Community

Partners looking to make meaningful connections with a highly curated global community of accelerators, startups, investors and other partners can do so with a custom GAN partnership.

Unique Global Access

Working with GAN as a partner means you will have strategic introductions to this highly curated group. You will be able to connect with the GAN’s 90+ accelerators, 9,400 startups, and nearly 30 corporate partners. This means you will be a leader in—and have access to—those supporting the next wave of world-changing startups.

We’re trying to help startups everywhere, so partnering up with an organization like GAN that can vet all of the programs around the world for us is a huge benefit. It means we don’t have to spend all of our time doing that, which helps us address a much larger market of startups, and saves us valuable time and resources.

— Tony Blank

Outcomes from a GAN Partnership

Working with a global community this large means there are almost unlimited ways you can connect with the startups, accelerators, and other partners in it. Here are a few ways partners have done so in the past and some of the outcomes from it.

  1. Introductions to the 90+ GAN Accelerators
    Having connections with this many accelerators means direct access to those running the world’s top startup programs.
  2. Visibility to the 9,400 startups in GAN
    You’ll be able to showcase yourself to all of the startups who have gone through a GAN Accelerator.
  3. Meet the next cohort of startups
    An additional 1,700 startups a year go through GAN Accelerators. You will be able to showcase your company to them through one of GAN’s platforms.
  4. Become a leader
    You will be set-up as one of the thought-leaders in the GAN Partner Network, where you can highlight your work engaging startups around the globe.
  5. Showcase why entrepreneurs love you
    Develop case studies to highlight the steps you’ve taken to work with and support startups everywhere.
  6. Connect directly with startups
    You’ll have direct introductions to the community of startups to discuss potential deals or acquisitions that would be mutually beneficial.