Startups fuel your corporate innovation.

Quality relationships, curated.

Curated startup connections so you always meet the right startup, at the right time, to drive new innovation.  

You can’t afford to miss opportunities or spend time sifting through thousands of startups to find the perfect one. Whether you’re part of a corporate development, innovation, or venture team, you have the opportunity to meet more 19,000 of the world’s top early-stage startup founders who are looking to do business with established corporations like yours—further empowering your innovation initiatives.

GAN partners with true gems in innovation ecosystems across the world, run by people who are reimagining how to build great businesses. Perhaps most importantly, GAN holds in highest regard the whole entrepreneur. Our relationship with GAN is a unique and essential piece of our scouting strategy!

— Dana Enger, State Farm

How you can use GAN to scale.

  1. Deal Flow
    Access a curated pipeline of companies that match your innovation or investment criteria through targeted searches within GAN’s global startup network.
  2. Corporate Reverse Pitch
    Share your specific innovation programs or business problems with our community of startups, accelerators, and studios, through GAN’s dedicated outreach campaigns.
  3. Partner Network
    Learn best and next innovation practices alongside an exclusive group of the most forward-thinking corporates through regular roundtables and an annual summit.
  4. Portfolio Support
    Ensure the startups you already work with are successful by offering access to a platform with savings on essential business services.
  5. Custom Partnership
    If you can’t find a startup who can solve your innovation challenges, we’ll connect you to the right startup studio to custom-build a tailored solution.

Why corporates work with GAN.

  1. Global Reach
    It takes intention and consistent presence to build meaningful relationships. With the opportunity for introductions to more than 19,000 founders, 200 top accelerators and startup studios, plus corporate peers, you’ll be able to scale your reach overnight as you build relationships within the GAN Community.
  2. Curated Quality
    Every GAN Startup has been rigorously vetted and resourced, to focus your innovation team on startups who get results.
  3. Unrivaled Efficiency
    Time is your most precious asset, and working harder won’t always get the results you need. GAN’s one-to-many approach multiplies your time and budget and brings new focus to your efforts. That means you can wait to hire staff and avoid pulling all-nighters.