The entire GAN Community is focused on startups and their success.

A reason to gloat.

Only 3.8% of the startups that applied to GAN Accelerators in 2018 received a spot. GAN Partners constantly work alongside startups to solve problems. And, mission-oriented, world-changing startups are receiving investment from GAN Ventures. Collectively, those startups—with more than 19,000 founders—employ over 26,700 people. And 88% of GAN Startups continue to stay in business. That means they continue to change their communities by creating jobs and building valuable products used by millions of people. And that's something to really be proud of.

We’re all about you.

You’re a startup who has a great product, team, and vision for the future. You’re an entrepreneur who gets that building a company isn’t just about building a product—it’s about creating a world-changing idea. And the GAN Community has the human and financial resources that can help you do it. Being GAN means having access to 80+ accelerators in 120+ cities around the world, nearly 30 corporate partners excited to engage with startups just like you, and investors interested in hearing ideas from authentic startup founders that will actually change the world. That’s a worldwide community that simply can’t be beat. Below are the ways startups can become GAN and join this incredible community.