Startup Shifts

A Post-Accelerator Program Focused on Revenue for Your Startup

Startups are looking to solve problems. It’s why most founders build companies in the first place. Startup Shifts are designed to connect innovative startups with GAN Partners who are looking for help to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

$4BBillion Dollars in Revenue

Why Revenue Matters

Startups need capital and connections to build their businesses. Yet to survive for the long-run, most of them need customers. In the near future, GAN Startups will have generated $4B in annual revenue, but getting there requires that startups work with the right partners. Startup Shifts create additional revenue opportunities for startups by connecting them directly with corporate partners who are looking to do business with them.

What Are Startup Shifts?

Through these week- or month-long “shifts,” corporations have an opportunity to voice the challenges they’re facing and to have startups build solutions to solve those problems. Each Startup Shift is focused on a specific vertical and culminates with corporates building direct relationships with startups. Startup Shifts are hosted throughout the year and bring together no more than five corporate partners alongside 5-10 startups. The experience is highly curated and allows participants the chance to get to know one another well.

What Startups Should Consider a Startup Shift?

  1. You’re Already Solving Big Problems
    You will be connecting with some of the world’s best corporations so you’ll need to come with big solutions.
  2. You Want to Be In-Person with Potential Clients
    For a week or a month, you will be in-person with potential clients who want to work with you. This means a lot of one-on-one time to understand a potential partner for your startup.
  3. You’ve Got Traction
    This program isn’t for the faint of heart or startups without some traction. You’ll need to show some of your success in order to be taken seriously.
  4. You Come Up with Solutions Easily
    You have a great product already but are open to coming up with other solutions that a potential client may need or want.

How Should I Get Involved?

If you went through a GAN Accelerator or currently work with a GAN Partner, you can apply and attend a Startup Shift for free. All you need to do is send us an email to let us know you are interested. We’ll let you know when the next Startup Shift is and if you would be a fit for that specific one, or if another Startup Shift in the future would be better suited for you.