HARADA ACCELERATOR powered by 01Booster


Tokyo, Japan

Date & Time

  • May 11th, 2020



Questions: hello@gan.co

Harada Corporation, a general trading company, will celebrate its 98th anniversary in 2020. Since their founding, they have created a wide range of business ventures by actively seeking the latest information to adapt to the changing times. Today’s age is one of innumerable change, typified by terms like VUCA, cross-industry market entry, and “game-changing.”

Harada Corporation considers these changes to be major growth opportunities and actively take on the challenge of innovation. HARADA ACCELERATOR powered by 01Booster operates under the theme of “Challengers x Challengers,” with the will to make Harada Corporation “Challenger” to boldly tackle the various issues the world faces, as well as positioning themeselves as challengers leading a paradigm shift for the future with startups. To that end, they are opening up the network they have developed for nearly 100 years and are offering it to startups in support of their growth.

Harada Corporation supports both our existing six core business domains and are expanding to cover a wide range of new domains as they explore the possibilities therein. They leverage their flexibility and speed as a general trading company (Sogo-Shosha in Japanese) poised to expand into numerous business domains simultaneously, and support stakeholders within those verticals.