Shogakukan Accelerator Powered by 01Booster


Tokyo, Japan

Date & Time

  • Aug 31st, 2020



Questions: hello@gan.co

Now that the conventional education system is undergoing a major turning point for the drastic change in the near future, children in Japan and around the world will use “Innovation to sow seeds for the future of children” as a keyword in “Shogakukan Accelerator”. 01Booster is looking for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to create innovative services and content together.

The Shogakkan Group has the principle of “growing seeds that blossom into the hearts of people, which grows into fruit in life,” and as a leading general publishing company in Japan, the business of publishing books and magazines is at the core We develop a wide range of businesses ranging from entertainment, to entertainment, from characters, events, digital contents, to education, childcare, and contract work from government agencies.

This Shogakukan Accelerator, which is co-sponsored by Shogakukan and ShoPro, aims to create new business with startup partners who are partners, mainly in the area of ​​education.

The specific focus of this cohort is Education, Kids Entertainment, Pet, and Healthcare.