San Ramon, CA

Date & Time

  • Jul 15th, 2019



Questions: hello@gan.co

If you are building an early-stage, AI-focused, data-first software company, BRIIA can help propel you get ready for that first significant round of financing.  BRIIA helps you clarify the path that will get you there and give you the tools you need to be successful. Apply now at briia.io/apply_now or check out the Accelerator Program and FAQs

Investors, Advisors and BRIIA Friends
Have you met a founder you like with a great AI-powered product, but they could use a little help getting through the early stages of company development?  BRIIA is a great place to accelerate that development and get them investor-ready.  They love referrals and you can refer online.

BRIIA’s 13-sprint, tailored program propels AI-powered, early-stage startups from “prototype to fundability”. BRIIA focuses on building a great company, creating a new category and communicating value in a way that investors understand. Their goal is to prepare their companies and their pitches in order to raise their first significant round of capital.