Camp Labs


Golden, CO, USA

Date & Time

  • Dec 13th, 2019



Questions: hello@gan.co
What’s The Story Here?


Their Purpose: Camp Labs’ mission is to make a life-changing impact on youth in communities across the country by helping Founders build new camp businesses. The core of Camp Labs’ operation is a business accelerator program for new camps, which will launch in 2020. Camp Labs will operate as a 501(c)3 non-profit, with the goal of putting one million kids into new camps over 15 years.

Launch Weekend: In October 2019, Camp Labs are hosting their Launch Weekend at Camp Granite Lake outside Denver, where 24 participants will come together to launch a new camp program in a weekend. As a participant, there are opportunities to contribute knowledge and support the Founder. Camp Labs is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis for the Launch Weekend.

Accelerator Program: The accelerator (launching in 2020) is a seven-week all-inclusive residential experience that offers an immersive camp environment to support Founders as they do what it takes to launch, grow, and fund their for-profit, non-profit, or existing business’ youth-focused program. Founders receive a significant stipend for participating in the accelerator, as well.

The Camp Founder Experience: 
Founders (participants in the Camp Labs accelerator) will learn and work together to overcome the challenges of starting and growing a camp operation. They will gain a detailed understanding of managing a youth-focused business, and aggressively work on their startup throughout the accelerator program. With the support of mentors in business, finance, and youth development and each other, they will graduate from the accelerator ready for success.

Camp Labs will seek Founders from diverse communities. They can be individuals with just an idea or part of an organization that is looking to develop new programs. The accelerator will help develop tech-free day camps, resident camps, special needs camps, family camps, and more.

Throughout the accelerator experience and for years after, Founders have access to a comprehensive list of perks and discounts to support their growing business. At the end of the accelerator, Founders will have a chance to connect with potential donors and investors for their business through a formal Pitch Day competition, with up to $50,000 in funding contributed by Camp Labs.