ENEL powered by GenerationS


Moscow, Russia

Date & Time

  • Sep 10th, 2019



Questions: hello@gan.co

ENEL and GenerationS call for the start-ups in renewable energy, thermal generation, and sustainable development

Enel is a multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators. Best teams will get a paid pilot with Enel Group, mentor support from Enel and GenerationS, a chance to present the product to Enel’s top management and scale up to international markets. 

Participation is free.

What are Enel and GenerationS looking for?

Prototype or finished products in: 

Renewable Energy

  • Water Power Engineering:
  • Innovative robotic solutions (excluding drones) for Hydro power plant O&M activities for employees support or for partial/total equipment replacement
  • Robots and systems to support inspections and improve safety
  • Additive technologies (3D printing)
  • Innovative welding systems and material deposition techniques
  • Solutions to maximize thermal conductivity of turbine condenser tubes

Health and Safety:

  • AI for Safety – Safety assessment by images/Video
  • Automated instant diagnostics of physical condition before and during work
  • Storage:
  • Monitoring and diagnostics for energy storage system
  • Technologies for long-term and seasonal storage
  • AI for energy storage systems
  • Wind Power Engineering:
  • Improved performance/flexibilization for wind turbines
  • Solar Power Engineering:
  • Substructures to mount photovoltaic modules (fixed, and equipped with single-axis tracker)
  • Cross-Functional Tech:
  • Blockchain technology to guarantee that energy originates from a renewable source.

Sustainable Development

  • Technologies to expand the term of resource utilization and equipment operation
  • Solutions for recycling and reclaiming the following waste products: ceramics, timber, wires and cables, light bulbs, rubber goods, pneumatic automobile tyres, construction waste (rockwool, scrap brick), electric motors, generators, electric transformers, hazardous waste (mercury-filled lamps, mercury thermometers, petrochemicals), municipal solid waste
  • Projects for waste recycling (particularly, plastics, batteries, glass, aluminum)
  • Solutions applicable for water treatment systems

Thermal Generation

  • Innovative technologies to provide security with focus on equipment and sensors for operation and maintenance of electric cabinets
  • Early diagnostics of vibration status for auxiliary equipment / large-scale rotating equipment not involving fixed monitoring systems
  • Monitoring and tracking occupational safety (in different weather conditions)
  • Identification of behavior
  • Monitoring of health status, safety controls and diagnostics of personal protective equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment and machines
  • Monitoring, control and risk mitigation for on field activities operation even in stressed weather environments (early anomaly detection and real-time alerts)
  • Monitoring and recognition of workers’ behavior in order to detect and prevent potential risk situations
  • Solutions to increase the level of staff training, both technical, and related to on-the-job safety
  • Augmented reality goggles to assist in equipment operation and maintenance

Get more information and submit an application until September 10, 2019.