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Date & Time

  • Aug 10th, 2020


$500 USD

Questions: regan@gan.co

GAN Founder Wholeness Program

Emotional wholeness is systemic. In order to create a healthy culture of support and enhance emotional wholeness in teams, leaders must do the hard work of implementing it within their own lives. 

GAN is partnering with Andy Maurer to facilitate this process through the GAN Founder Wholeness Program. Andy is a trained, licensed therapist and coach who understands the levels of change necessary to enhance wholeness within individuals, relationships, teams, and companies. 

  • Build healthy connection, communication, and relationships 
  • Lead from a place of emotional health 
  • Protect leaders and founders from burnout and isolation 
  • Engage in systemic change from the top down

Who: For accelerator leaders who are looking to grow in their own self-awareness and leadership so they can build up whole founders. We are looking for 10 accelerator leaders (MDs/PMs or any other support staff) to join our first cohort. 


  • Curated curriculum: A 12-week curriculum designed by licensed therapists. Topics are based on research, specialized training, and firsthand experience with clients. Designed to create lasting change and enhance self-care.
  • Weekly Team Huddles: Huddles provide connection and build empathy while teaching healthy group dynamics. Leaders experience team huddles in order to facilitate them with their founders and organizations.
  • Wellness Education: Educational and supportive programming improves emotional and relational health in participants, their relationships, and the systems where they have influence and interaction.
  • Leader Support Sessions: Two one-on-one sessions with a licensed therapist focus attention on unique situations and assist with full integration of the wellness curriculum into leaders’ personal and professional spheres.

When:  August 10th–October 2020; Registration closes July 31st

  • One session individually early August and late October 
  • A weekly session with the group

Where: This will all take place virtually and the time will depend on participant locations and the best overlapping time zone. 

Cost: $500 USD per person (average coaching for 3 months would normally cost $1500 per person)

Our Hope: You would walk away from this program feeling more confident in who you are and as a stronger leader in your organization. We also hope to equip you with the tools to implement this work into your program at your organization. 

Register by clicking the RSVP link at the top of the page!