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As a GAN Startup, you’re part of our global family of independent accelerators, partners, and investors with one collective focus: Creating opportunities for startups around the world (i.e., you) to access the human and financial capital they need so that they can build powerful businesses and make a meaningful impact, wherever they call home. 

Join the GAN Team on one of our founder alumni calls to reconnect and discover all of the resources and benefits you have access to for the lifetime of your company.


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Why GAN?

Love the Experience

  • Create & Grow, Where You Are
    Stay home and scale globally, if that’s what best suits you and your team. We encourage you to cultivate the creative economy wherever you call home because it’s where you’re likely to feel most supported.
  • A Founder-First Mindset
    Across the GAN Community, you’ll find people who deeply care about your success. Whether it’s an accelerator, a corporate partner, or an investor, our community is values-driven and founder-first.
  • Human and Financial Connection
    No one can do life or business alone. GAN is about helping you build connections and relationships—so that you can not only create a quality company but a quality life.

Trust the Results

  • Numbers That Don’t Lie 88% of startups in the GAN Community stay in business and continue to operate thriving businesses in cities large and small, all over the world.
  • Worldwide Community The GAN Community is the largest group of accelerators, partners, and investors in over 120 cities on six continents. With that kind of leveraging power, being GAN means you can accomplish what you never would alone.
  • Selectivity Without Ego Being GAN means quality. GAN Accelerators only accept about 3.8% of the applications that come their way from startups. But no matter who you are or what stage you’re at, you’ll be treated with respect.

Perks of Being a GAN Startup

What Do I Have Access to as a GAN Startup?

As a GAN Startup, you now have access to over $1M in perks including up to $5K Credit from AWS, discounted rates at coworking spaces thanks to Croissant, discounts to SendGrid’s email marketing services, and so much more. As a GAN Startup, you can also offer a perk to the GAN Community. Just let us know when you are ready, and we’ll show you how.

Corporate Connect
GAN Corporate Connect enables any current or alumni founder of GAN Startups to request a direct introduction to our community of GAN Partners, including State Farm, Expeditors, and Relish Works. 

Founder Wellness Support
In 2017, GAN Accelerators committed to supporting founders through the GAN Founder Wellness Pact (bit.ly/FounderWellness). Today, any GAN Founder may speak with a certified counselor for a free, confidential phone conversation to talk through any issue they’re struggling through. All conversations will be kept completely confidential. 

GAN Exchange gives founders at GAN Startups a soft landing at any participating accelerator locations around the world. Use the GAN Exchange when you are meeting with investors, new customers, or looking to move your company.

Through an exclusive partnership with multiple service providers like Gusto and Zenefits, GAN HR gives GAN Startups access to a core suite of HR services (like payroll and health benefits) for companies and their team members who are based in, or looking to expand to, the United States. We also offer a number of recruiting resources if you’re looking to grow your team or hire a freelancer to help build your business. 

Mentor Calls
GAN Mentor Calls provide on-demand access to previously-recorded insights from industry leaders such as Brad Feld, Dharmesh Shah, and Tim Schigel.

GAN Ventures
GAN Ventures is the investment arm of GAN, investing in who you are and what you’re building, regardless of where you are. We believe economic and social prosperity occur in cities large and small around the world because founders are able to make a lasting, positive impact in their communities through creating jobs, revenue, and companies that become local institutions. Passionate and self-aware founders who are interested in applying for investment are encouraged to reach out to their accelerator director for more information.