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Date & Time

  • Sep 12th, 2019 | Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • Sep 26th, 2019 | Lima, Peru
  • Oct 10th, 2019 | Hamburg, Germany
  • Oct 24th, 2019 | Manama, Bahrain


$49 USD

Questions: hello@gan.co

GAN Momentum Tour 2019

The GAN Momentum Tour is a four-stop global tour that will focus on creating opportunities for startups to succeed and gain traction, wherever they are.

Startups think differently, act differently, and run their organizations in ways that few people will ever understand. It’s because of these differences that startups are the ones changing the landscape of the future, building the next products that we will all use and love. And, startups are the engines behind our cities. They serve an important role, creating new jobs and generating revenue—sustainable work and sustainable wages for their staff and their communities.

But, startups can’t do this alone. They need corporates that want to do business with them. They need investors that provide the necessary capital to get them off the ground. They need mentors that will coach them. And they need accelerators that will bring this support around them for a short, focused period of time.

Which is why we’re so excited to invite you to the GAN Momentum Tour, a five-stop global tour celebrating the startup that’s doing things differently. The startup that decided not to go to the big city. The startup that sees the bigger picture. The startup that’s curious and wants to learn more. The startup that sees success not as individual, but as collective. And the startup that wants to do good work and build something that actually makes a difference.

And it’s for the people who want to support those startups. Who believe in their power and potential for impact.



Here’s where we’re headed, when, and the incredible GAN Accelerators hosting each stop.

  1. Pittsburgh, PA, USA:
    Join Us in Pittsburgh
    September 12th
    Hosted By:
    AlphaLabAlphaLab Gear
  2. Lima, Peru:
    Join Us in Lima
    September 26th
    Hosted By:
    UTEC Ventures
  3. Hamburg, Germany:
    Join Us in Hamburg
    October 10th
    Hosted By:
    next media accelerator
  4. Manama, Bahrain:
    Join Us in Manama
    October 24th
    Hosted By:
    Flat6Labs Bahrain, Seed Fuel–Rowad, and Nest Bahrain

To Register

Space will be limited, so register as soon as possible. You can attend as many locations as you’d like, as long as there is space available—just make sure you register separately for each event:

Stop 1: Pittsburgh
Stop 2: Lima
Stop 3: Hamburg
Stop 4: Manama

Additional details, including travel and transportation information and a more detailed schedule, will continue to be updated on these individual location pages as we have it, as well.