India Accelerator


Delhi, India

Date & Time

  • Aug 31st, 2020



Questions: hello@gan.co

India Accelerator realizes that a company’s growth relies on access to capital, strategic partnerships, customer exposure, mentor guidance, and more. Meeting the right people at the right time can make a company. That’s why they created IA. IA’s Accelerator Program curates the mentorship and connections that growth-stage startups need, and provides all the necessary ingredients in the same place at the same time.

• A better understanding of how to acquire new revenue streams
• Strategic partnerships with VCs & GAN Partners
• Tailored mentorship and advice to further your startup’s growth
• Opportunities for financial investment

This exclusive program will help IA’s Startups to move beyond the early stage by equipping them with the knowledge, tools, and connections needed for their next stage of growth. Focus is on serious acceleration & the program is designed to support and navigate startups through the process of operationally scaling their business while generating meaningful relationships with IA Partners, mentors, and investors. Successful Founders & Corporate CXOs from across the Community spread across the Globe will be the primary mentors for the program.

Program objective and goals
To define the possibilities for a business & build the foundation for achieving those possibilities. IA is launching Domain Agnostic Verticals with the following focus areas- Cybersecurity, Agri-tech, Health-tech, Social Impact, & SME (Sports, Media & Entertainment)

The program is a combination of twin mentorship track, comprised of Domain & Mandatory mentors, sessions by Industry experts covering topics of common relevance, and one-on-one engagement on specific aspects of your business. The program includes events, tours, and guest speakers to identify and support the startup’s innovation journey. Each week of the 4-month program focuses on a different innovation competency: Agile; Methods; Technology; Culture; and Strategy.

Program outcomes (what will you get from the program)

    1. 1. A sharp strategy for the business
      2. A comprehensive road map for the business
      3. A detailed business plan, including a month-by-month financial tracker, metrics for KPIs, tools to track progress, etc.
      4. Showcase to investors
      5. Introductions to potential customers/Strategic Alliances
      6. Visibility in PR and online media viability
      7. Access to funding – from the program as well as access to external investors
      8. Massive perks worth over $1M
      9. Office space for 6 months
      10. Mentorship from a network of highly selected group of mentors

IA wants to be viewed as a co-founder. We don’t want any special or controlling interests in your company. We won’t ask for a board seat or for any uncommon investor rights. There is a reason we are viewed as the most ‘Founder-Friendly’ accelerator!