Iowa Startup Accelerator


Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Date & Time

  • Jul 22nd, 2019



Questions: hello@gan.co

Iowa Startup Accelerator is an intensive, structured program for Iowa’s entrepreneurs. Entering ISA is a 12-month commitment to work with ISA staff and mentors to build your business, but you have significant flexibility in how, when and where you work. There are also two times that you can join the program: Spring and Fall.

Once you’re accepted into ISA, you’re required to:

  • Be in Cedar Rapids for the orientation program during the first week;
  • Be in Cedar Rapids on Fridays for sprint demos, retrospectives, mentor meetings, and other programming.
  • On every other day, you’re working on your business, from Cedar Rapids (which we strongly recommend), or anywhere else.

Iowa Startup Accelerator is looking for entrepreneurs with:

  • Traits that make entrepreneurs most likely to be successful: grit, focus, and agility.
  • Companies ranging from pre-revenue up to $1 million in revenue;
  • Exceptional teams, usually 2-5 people (solo founders are unlikely to be admitted);
  • Scalable, technology-enabled business models;
  • Businesses in targeted sectors that match Iowa’s core strengths and ISA’s capabilities (most commonly education, finance, healthcare, aging, food, manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture);
  • A strong connection to Iowa and your business is (or will be) located, primarily, in the state of Iowa, or you have a sincere interest in having your business located in Iowa;
  • Businesses where funding can help bootstrap your business to success or their seed capital is sufficient to help you get to the point at which you can get money from other investors.

The focus of the Fall 2019 cohort is on technology-oriented companies in agriculture/food, education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation/logistics.