Rome, Italy

Date & Time

  • May 30th, 2019



Questions: hello@gan.co

Please join LUISS EnLabs on May 30th for their Demo Day. The following companies are part of their latest program, but all may not be pitching;


Apical is the responsible booking suite for experience creators.
Apical enables travel companies, brands and individuals to easily create, manage and sell Experiences online. Plus, Apical helps them engaging their crowd into responsible activities while traveling.


Flamingo is an innovative entertainment service offered to Resorts, Hotels and Camping. It is also intended for individuals, businesses and tour operators who need entertainment in their package offers.
The startup offers a strong experiential service compared to the nowadays outdated entertainment services. It is completely renovated especially in the digital format, with the introduction of a mobile application and interactive entertainment.


Keiron is the first free-body workout in virtual reality.
Keiron involves and guides the user in a complete workout, and gamification allows him to train without losing motivation.
Ideal for that 44% of millennials wishing for a gym that is interactive, personalized and fun.


UXGO is a new working method that allows web designers and marketers to design and develop websites, in less than a minute. With UXGO, the components of a web interface are represented through physical cards that, scanned by an app, are immediately transformed into code.


Leonard is the smart system in cloud that eases communication between customers and restaurateurs and allows both to save time and money. It digitizes the hall, the kitchen and the waiters allowing the customer, with his Smartphone, to order and pay directly from the table and the restaurant owner to get statistics and advice to improve the profitability of the restaurant.


Hakuna Cloud is a software as a service to help cloud computing users to reduce their cloud costs of 80% by starting, stopping and disposing cloud servers accordingly to their real-time usage, without requiring any change on the existing software/infrastructure. Hakuna Cloud is compatible with multiple cloud providers, like Amazon AWS, MS Azure and DigitalOcean.


Ride® is a virtual station based electric multi-vehicle mobility sharing service, 100% Made in Italy. Thanks to its flexibility, also cities of small and medium size are enabled to offer to their citizens a new way to move around downtown.


Stip automates all the activities of Social and Email customer care thanks to AI, allowing companies to reduce ticket management time by 80% and customer care costs by 67%.