Arlington, VA, USA

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  • Dec 12th, 2019



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Connect with the startups and the MACH37 community. Learn what differentiates these companies and makes them leaders in their space. Listen to a dynamic keynote by Blu Venture Investors. Ask questions during the cohort panel. Enjoy drinks and heavy h’orderves. Booster your awareness and involvement.
The Crew

  • BreachBits provides automated and continuous red-team solutions to help enterprises find weaknesses in their cyber defenses before real attackers do. By leveraging automation and artificial intelligence, BreachBits’ Continuous Intelligent Red Team (CIRT) services provide customers with an advanced, persistent (24x7x365) simulated adversary seeking weaknesses to exploit in their cybersecurity solutions and team, all at a fraction of what a one time human-power red team assessment costs today.
  • SylLab Systems has state-of-the-art approach to cryptographic private key management that is making data breaches unfeasible for the attacker. In their system the data owner is in control of their data, grants and revokes it on demand. The technology has been selected by the National Science Foundation as a potential high-impact technology in area of Cybersecurity, Authentication, and Privacy (now going to the next stage of their evaluation).
  • Auspex Labs and the Auspex Cyber Console collects broad scope telemetry from common agents and log processors. Using this telemetry, a broad scope of security anomalies are detected as they begin, giving your organization time to minimize damage and get back to business. Auspex looks to provide various services such as data exfiltration detection, in-flight PII compliance, and unmanaged host detection.
  • Suvola is advancing the science of cybersecurity by creating products and services that make cyberspace safer for all of us. The company is addressing the three major shortcomings of current information technology systems that are responsible for the vast majority of cybercrime – impersonation, tampering, and rogue actors.
  • Ardent Privacy is a “Data Minimization” company in the Enterprise Data Privacy space based in National Capital region. They identify, inventory, personal data in enterprises to minimize their privacy risk and business risk. Enterprises are losing more data in breaches due to lack of data hygiene because they do not know their data footprint and there is a lack of enterprise wide data minimization and elimination strategy, tools or processes.

Date And Time

Thu, December 12, 2019

3:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST

OrganizerMACH37 & VentureScope

Organizer of MACH37 Launch Day

VentureScope™ works with creative entrepreneurs, venture capital investors, and large private and public sector organizations around the world that are trying to solve interesting problems. Our team specializes in problem deconstruction and framing, product development, business model refinement, go-to-market strategies, build-buy-partner decisions, strategic partnerships, investment and growth analysis, and a variety of innovation methodologies. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a scrappy startup, an experienced investor, or an established organization developing a new service or capability, we will not only advise you on what to do, but help you apply our recommendations.

MACH37™ is the premier accelerator for cyber startups and is designed to facilitate the creation of the next generation of cyber product companies.  Our unique 90-day program design places heavy emphasis on the validation of product ideas and the development of relationships that produce an initial customer base and investment capital – accelerating a founder’s path to a sustainable business model.