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  • Jul 9th, 2020 | 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST



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What’s Launch Day? Most accelerators like to call it Demo Day. They did too. At MACH37, they aren’t emphasizing demos anymore, we’re focusing the culminating event of their accelerator on the journey their startups have taken in the last three months and the direction they’re headed in now. Join these companies as they launch on July 9th and identify ways to partner during their next stage of flight!

Connect with the startups and the MACH37 community
Learn what differentiates these companies and makes them leaders in their space
Listen to a dynamic keynote by Steve Blank
Ask questions during the cohort panel
Enjoy engaging conversations
Booster your awareness and involvement 

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST


The Crew

  • CERVAIS: Cervais e-Risk™ Mobile Data Protector is a portable Cyber security device that provides complete data protection and employs some of the most advanced data forensics detection and monitoring techniques available to combat and detect threats to a user’s endpoint device as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). As adversaries and their tactics and procedures continue to become more targeted, dynamic, and sophisticated, e-Risk Mobile is positioned to be the solution of choice when it comes to data protection.
  • CYSECURE: CySecure is developing next generation passwordless PKI1 based verification solution enabling users to access their enterprise accounts and online services (email, banking, medical services, shopping, etc.) without using passwords. CySecure’s verification solution provides a much higher level of security than a DNA2 based verification. CySecure’s user-friendly verification solution should capture a significant portion of the $38 billion Identity and Access Management (IAM) market segment. 
  • QUANTUM TRILOGY: Built on open-source software, Quantum Trilogy Platform® is a collaborative platform deployed in the US and Switzerland. Quantum Trilogies concept of a closed group of users connected through the Internet to dedicated private servers and using their proprietary quantum devices drastically increase the security of connections and data. No matter your connection to the Internet, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Mobile Network, their end-to-end encryption keeps your communications unconditionally secure.
  • ACCUCHAIN: AccuChain is developing a blockchain platform to authenticate achievements of the user by ‘trusted’ third parties, and storing those authenticated records on a blockchain for retrieval by college admissions officers or hiring managers. It is much like a validated resume–with AI features that scan for false information in text and images.
  • ACOTECH: ACOTECH is a non-invasive technology, with patented AI tech, that analyzes the behaviour of a person – accumulating this data allows for the prevention of health issues that may be triggered. AcoTech prevents, intervenes and follows up on incidents – all link to Acobox that allows the measuring of blood pressure, ACG detection, etc.
  • HR ANALITICA: HR Analitica analyzes established, fact-based understanding of current and past workforce situations, generates models of the future workforce situation in varying customizable scenarios and predicts talent strategy hypotheses to calculate financial implications. Thus helping organizations align their business strategy with HR strategy rather than simply translating their business strategy into HR strategy.
  • SmartQBRD: SmartQBRD developed a standalone touchscreen computer keyboard packed with functionality to accelerate the learning of a new programming language, coding and working with specialized software.