Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date & Time

  • Oct 10th, 2018
  • Oct 11th, 2018



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Open innovation
Startups + corporations: the opportunity to innovate outside the structures of companies. The role of Agtech startups in creating solutions and favoring cultural change for large companies, producers and traders. Analysis of integration cases.
Blockchain in Agrifood
The technology behind Bitcoin allows transactions that can not be manipulated or “hacked”. This opens up a host of new technological possibilities to improve traceability, logistics and means of payment within the food production and marketing chain.
IA in the Agribusiness
Artificial intelligence promises to be the next revolution in the agri-food industry. This includes from autonomous robots and drones to new ways of monitoring soil health and crops through algorithms, big data and machine learning, as well as predictive climate analysis and other factors that can impact agricultural production.