Boulder, Colorado

Date & Time

  • Nov 22nd, 2019



Questions: hello@gan.co

Are you a later-stage tech company that is ready to gain serious traction with enterprise businesses?

The UpRamp Fiterator is designed to bring you true product fit within the global cable/broadband/wireless industry – helping you get to DEALS, not just demo days.

UpRamp only takes a handful of companies per cohort – making the Fiterator one of the most competitive accelerators out there. This means that they can dive deep into each company, fully customizing the program and ensuring that you reach your goal: DEALS.

Small Cohorts, Big Impact

The Fiterator is limited to 4-6 companies per cohort. This sharp focus allows UpRamp to customize the program for each team to ensure their individual success. The first half is centered around learning product fit while prepping for a presentation to crucial industry C-levels. UpRamp then laser focuses on testing, negotiations, and closing deals.