Current Openings at GAN

What We’re About

That should give you a good idea what we’re about.

If you read any of it and you start getting goosebumps, take it as a sign that you should apply. Or, if you know someone you think should apply, we have an incentive for you to pass our open positions along—If you’re the first person to refer someone to this role, and they are in the role for at least 3 months, we’ll give you a free flight, up to $2,000, to anywhere in the world.

Benefits at GAN

If you want to know what it’s like to work at GAN, here are our standard benefits for full-time employees:

  1. Great Insurance:
    A top-tier insurance plan where the company pays for 100% of your health, vision, and dental plan along with a Flexible Spending Account where you can set aside pre-tax money for out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  2. Cell Phone, Parking, & Public Transportation Reimbursement:
    We’ll reimburse you for your cell phone usage, and any parking or public transportation-related costs (paying for an EcoPass).
  3. Snacks (on hold during COVID-19):
    We’ll pay for coffee and snacks from any coffee shop while you are working.
  4. Matching Donations:
    When you donate money to a qualified charity, GAN will make a matching gift to that charity on your behalf, up to $500.
  5. Fitness Allowance:
    Use up to a $50 per month fitness allowance for your gym membership, yoga studio membership, or whatever activity you do to stay healthy.
  6. Professional Development (on hold during COVID-19):
    Admission and travel costs paid for professional development opportunities, industry meetings, and events.
  7. Time Off:
    We have a generous PTO policy, time off for all major holidays, and up to three days off to volunteer in your community every year.
  8. Remote Work:
    Work at least one day a week from wherever you want. Whether it’s the mountains, your house, a hut…it doesn’t matter.
  9. Sabbatical:
    Every three years, employees are granted a one-month-long paid sabbatical.
  10. Parental Leave:
    Maternity and paternity leave for new parents.
  11. Job Costs:
    We pay 100% of the costs for the hardware/software you need to do your job.
  12. Standing Desks:
    We provide standing desks to you in our Denver office, if you want one.
  13. A “Holiday Holiday”:
    We shut down the office every year from December 24th through New Years Day for you to enjoy time with your family or friends.
  14. Retirement Benefit:
    After three years with GAN, employees will receive a contribution to their retirement as part of a SEP IRA—a small business retirement plan that GAN will contribute to on your behalf.